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The Benefits of a Digital Outreach Ministry for Your Church

In this day and age, every church in America should have some form of digital outreach ministry. With the tools available, the number of platforms, the low costs, and following a time when many churches found out they needed to communicate with members locked down because of a pandemic. This pandemic caused many churches to scramble to set up online broadcasts, websites, and YouTube and Facebook channels, to name a few. This meant a lot of learning, spending, and time and effort. Now more than ever, it is probably easy to argue that a church needs a digital outreach ministry.

However, I want to utilize the first six posts on this blog to argue that anything worth doing is worth doing well. This goes for digital outreach ministry. My hope in the following five posts is to give you some practical advice on how to reach people in your community for Christ via digital outreach ministries. I will inform you what I learned while creating a new church website, church podcast, church YouTube channel, and this church blog you are now reading.

For those who might be apprehensive about digital outreach, I want to encourage you. First, you can do it. Second, it is not that expensive. Third, I think it is something Paul the Apostle would have taken full advantage of while he was alive. We see Paul in Acts 17 reaching out to the men of Athens from Mars Hill. It was the place of community gathering where thoughts and ideas were shared, and Paul took full advantage of it.

Like Paul, I think we need to take full advantage of the community gathering known as the internet. Within this huge world of cyberspace, several smaller communities exist where Christians can send out the Gospel and the power of Scripture every day. So, keep this in mind as you journey with me. You can do this, and it is for a very good cause. It is for the greatest cause of all—the souls and hearts of men and women.

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