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Pastor Juan and Lupita Vasquez
Serving at El Buen Samaritano
(The Good Shepherd Home for the Elderly)
Vincente Guerrero, Mexico   

The Story of El Buen Samaritano

Juan and Lupita Vasquez Cruz saw a tremendous need to reach out compassionately to the elderly in their area villages. Many seniors were left on the streets without any healthcare provided for them. For many of the aging, their families are either gone or scattered trying to find a means of providing for their families. There are simply not welfare systems in place that provide for such needs in their country. Juan is trained as a nurse but he left the security of a good paying job to begin this ministry full time; his family providing most of the vital services.

They began by opening their home with a small room to accommodate a few, but was the tremendous need to expand. How were they to accomplish this? Juan had a dream and he scripted out in his mind and on a hand drawn piece of paper a sketch of a home that could provide a loving, family-like environment that could compassionately care for these seniors.

God provided! A brother from California who is a building and landscape contractor, met Juan and saw his vision scrawled on paper. He went to work on drawing up a blueprint and came back with all the materials needed and a crew; and then set out to build the home.

They were shown such favor by the government to build such a home. There was a small piece of land that was secured, but to get the necessary permits was going to be a challenge. When officials came out to visit the site and saw what they intended to do for the needy in the community, they gave them the rights to adjoin pieces of property for the future expansion, in addition to the permit.

Pastor Brent and family visited Pastor Juan and the residents at El Buen Samaritano November 2012 during a mission trip to the San Quintin Valley. After meeting with Juan and the residents, Pastor Brent really felt God directing CCN to come alongside and help this ministry through prayer and financial support. Please pray that God would give the leadership at CCN wisdom and direction as we support this ministry.

CC Nampa Involvement:

  • Prayer Support

  • Financial Support


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